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The ColorQube 9300 series saves you money by only billing you for the color you print. Find out how much your documents could cost by analyzing and comparing them to the example pricing plan below. Click the "Select" button to select a document.

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By uploading your document, you are consenting to allow software to analyze page coverage. Uploaded documents are immediately deleted from all memory after analysis by the software. At no time will any human gain access to the documents that are uploaded.

3-Tier Tool is no longer available
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3-Tier Pricing Plan
B&W or Useful Color Everyday Color Expressive Color
B&W or Useful Color
Everyday Color
Expressive Color

3-Tier Pricing Plan Example

Xerox ColorQube 9300 series flexible pricing plans put you in control of per-page costs, letting you choose the plan that makes the most sense for your business - a unique Xerox offering that no competitor matches. One example of a ColorQube 9300 flexible pricing plan - the three-tier pricing plan - divides prints into three categories:

  • B&W or Useful Color
    Black-only pages or pages with low color coverage are billed at the same rate.
  • Everyday Color
    Pages with moderate color coverage are billed at slightly more than the black-only rate.
  • Expressive Color
    Pages with high color coverage are billed at the current market rate for color.

Price disclaimer

The output of the tool is a representative and may not reflect actual breakdown by color page type. Contact your Xerox sales partner for more specifics. Three tier billing may not be available in all geographies from all selling partners.

The Xerox 3-Tier Tool provides a simulation of which meter a document will hit on the ColorQube 9300 series three-tier pricing plan. As many things affect the printing process (software versions, page description languages, printing modes, etc.), some prints on either the Xerox 3-Tier Tool or the ColorQube 9300 product itself that are very close to the thresholds for the meters can sometimes register on different meters depending on the circumstances around the upload, the document, or the printing. Typically, this discrepancy only occurs on prints that are close in pixel-count to the meter thresholds.

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