Media Coverage

PretonSaver Software Release Offers Multi-Tiered Pricing for Color Printing
Imaging Observer 360 | March 2013

Expert Interview: Ori Eizenberg, CEO, Preton
Printer Cartridges Ink | October 2012

The print tech that's turning saving pixels into saving millions
ZDNET | October 2012

Editor’s Choice Award for Pixel Optimizer Technology
Print IT | October 2012

Preton optimizes print to help MPS providers optimize toner usage
Recharger Magazine | October 201

MarketWatch Wall Street Cutting printing costs, one pixel at a time
Market Watch | September 2012

BEI to resell Preton’s cost control solution PretonSaver
Imaging Observer 360 | September 2012

Exec Briefing: The next big thing in MPS?
Office Products International | September 2012

Preton MPSinsight Q & A with Preton’s Tim Bohn
MPS Insight | August 2012

Preton MPSinsight Inside Print Rules with Preton
MPS Insight | August 2012

Preton: Toner and ink optimization technology for enhanced print management
IDC | June 2012

Preton to Launch SaaS Edition of its Managed Print Software
CRN | May 2012

PretonSaver and Adobe LeanPrint – Two output solutions that promote less toner
Info Trends | May 2012

Preton Takes Print Management to the Cloud with Managed Services Edition
451 Research | April 2012

Preton MPSinsight Creating More Margin in MPS with Toner Savings
MPS Insights | March 2012

Preton MPSinsight Squaring the Circle with Preton’s Pixel Optimizer
MPS Insights | January 2012

Korean Bank to Save 25% on Yearly Printing Costs
Networks Asia | November 2011

פטנט ישראלי לחיסכון בדיו זכה בתו ירוק בינלאומי(Hebrew)
YNET | November 2011

Emerging Technology Vendors 2011
CRN | August 2011

Network The Savings from Print Management is Like Picking Low-Hanging Fruit
Network World | July 2011

Pharos Blueprint Now Features Pixel Optimization Technology from Preton
Lyra Research | July 2011

Preton MPSinsight Preton…Who They Are and What Are They Bringing to Pharos?
MPS Insights | July 2011

calcalist הדיו נשפך כמים
Calclist | July. 2011

MPS Pharos Systems Integrates Pixel Optimization Technology from Preton
MPS Connect | July. 2011

Preton Adds PC Power Management to Sustainable Printing Technology
451 Research | June 2011

Cnet_pretonSaver Free Windows Utility Lowers Your Printing Costs
CNET | May 2011

PretonSaver_bnet Lower Your Printing Costs by up to 70% without Changing Your Printer
Bnet | May 2011

Stampare a Basso Costo? Ci pensa PretonSaver (Italian)
PC Professionale | March 2011

Il futuro? E' tutta questione di prospettive:prendiamo ad esempio Preton...(Italian)
Computer Week Italy | February 2011

PretonSaver’s Simple Message: Save up to 30 Percent on Toner and Ink Spending
Lyra Research | February 2011

Green Software Saves Money and Trees
Israel21C | February 2011

Preton Helps Cartridges Go Further by Cutting Pixels from Printing
451 Research | January 2011

Preton: Making Printing Less Expensive, More Efficient and More Green
Focus Research | January 2011

Why Sustainable ICT Makes for a Greener, Leaner Business
Guardian | November 2010

If You MUST Print, at Least Save Some Ink
ZDNet | November 2010

Saving Money by Printed Pixel
Jerusalem Post | October 2010

חיסכון בירוק(Hebrew)
Information Week | May 2008

PretonSaver an Interview with Preton's CEO(Japanese)
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun | March 2008

CTCSP to Represent PretonSaver in Japan(Japanese)
Japan | February 2008

Preton's CEO Visits Japan(Japanese)
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun | January 2008

PretonSaver an Innovative New Software
Daily Post | May 2007

PretonSaver Product Review(Korean)
Computer World | January 2007