Preton and SYNNEX Corporation Sign Agreement for the Distribution of PretonSaver throughout North America
SYNNEX provides PretonSaver print usage data and print rules along with PRINTSolv for improved MPS visibility and control

“Today more than ever, MPS providers must offer identifiable value adds to distinguish their MPS programs in an increasingly competitive and commoditized market,”

Tim Bohn,
VP of North America, Preton

Tel Aviv, Israel (October 1, 2013) - ,Preton, the leading provider of printing cost reduction software, today announced that the company has signed a distribution agreement with SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), a leading distributor of IT products and services. As part of this distribution agreement, SYNNEX is providing Preton's PretonSaver™ software through SYNNEX' PRINTSolv platform that SYNNEX makes available to managed print service (MPS) providers across the United States and Canada.

PretonSaver is an advanced print management software application that gathers and provides detailed print usage data for optimizing organizational printing activities. PretonSaver collects a robust set of user focused reporting data from all network and locally connected printers and includes extensive print rules with policy enforcement capabilities.

By delivering these key PretonSaver capabilities together with PRINTSolv, MPS providers using PRINTSolv can provide their customers with a stronger and more complete view of the entire printing environment and be in the position to offer better solutions for optimizing printing activities.

“Today more than ever, MPS providers must offer identifiable value adds to distinguish their MPS programs in an increasingly competitive and commoditized market,” commented Tim Bohn, Vice President of North American Operations at Preton. “Together with SYNNEX and its PRINTSolv platform, we are delivering MPS providers tangible, competitive advantages that give their customers a much more complete view of their printing habits, including user, application and locally connected device print tracking as well as print rules to proactively manage user printing behaviors. This provides significant value add to customers and helps dealers differentiate their MPS offerings.”

To source PretonSaver through SYNNEX’ PRINTSolv group, visit US resellers call 866-571-3295 or email Canadian resellers can call 1-800-268-1220 or email

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Preton Ltd. is a leading provider of advanced software for reducing printing costs. Preton’s award winning PretonSaver™ software offers enterprises and SMBs revolutionary savings on toner, ink and paper consumption and associated printing costs. Preton's patented Pixel Optimizer™ technology intelligently identifies and deletes wasteful pixels during printing, providing substantial savings without visibly reducing quality. Preton customers include prominent enterprises in the financial, health care, manufacturing, government, education and technology sectors.

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